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I have been teaching all levels of contemporary basketry including mixed media assemblage as well as the exploration of using encaustic as an element for 30 years. I like to teach in intimate venues close to nature that allows inspiration and provides options for students to collect objects and material for embellishment. I find teaching and working this way myself, creates a strong dialogue with the work and process. My goal with Students is to build on existing skills or give a strong foundation for those with beginning skills. My feelings are to really understand a material one must learn it’s language, push the limits, break rules, smell the flowers and have a snack.

Shannon WeberSculptural Paper Boats

Begin the paper boat form while using basic basketry and stitching techniques, then layer with a variety of handmade papers, fabric, and encaustic while glazing and marking with oil sticks. Then we will head outside for walks on the Sitka grounds, collecting from nature to assemble objects for inside the boats.

August 26-28, 2017, at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, in Otis, Oregon.

Registration open for Members on Feb 28 and Non-members on March 14 2017.

Arts and Cultural Events – 3D SCULPTURAL WORKSHOP

Sail away with me to Rockland, Maine where I will be teaching my unique style of layered weaving, stitching, cold connection, and encaustic with hand gathered flotsam and jetsam from our walks on the Rockland shores. It’s a barefoot adventure of collecting then creating one-of-a-kind sculptural objects, boats, and wearable talismans with a mixture of handmade papers, nature, coastal finds and so much more. When our studio day is done we are off to explore the food, galleries, art museums, and coastal shops.

September 5-10, 2017, Rockland, Maine. Registration is now open Contact: Sharon Blomgren 617.855.9209

The Art of Basketry with Mixed Media/ WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL

September 14-15 2017 Columbia FiberArts Guild Portland, OR

info email:

Shannon WeberBullwhip Sea Kelp Pouches & Vessels - July 18-23 2017

Ever want to swim with the fish? Well you can get pretty close! Bull Kelp is the fastest growing seaweed in the world. Starting from a tiny spore and growing up to 200 feet long in summer, it provides the ultimate under water playground for many species of aquatic life. I hand harvest this kelp along the Pacific Coastline of Oregon for nine months out of the year and will bring it to you so you can learn basic to advanced techniques of splitting, stitching, layering and weaving it while combining various coastal roots, grasses and other organics to weave free standing vessel forms and stitched pouches. Bull kelp is worked wet and shares the characteristics of fine grade leather in that condition. When finished and dried it becomes hard and has textural qualities of tree bark. Here is a unique opportunity to explore this fascinating material.

Tradition and Innovation in basketry IX
University of Puget Sound
Tacoma, Washington

Conversations with Nature / The Plein-Air Experience of Creating in the Open Air

Whether you’re an artist, writer, gardener, naturalist, skinny dipper, or day tripper, our relationships with nature are vital to the understanding of our world and ourselves. It is the connection of place that can drive and influence creativity of all kinds. For 2 days we will engage nature by listening, watching, and gathering items of the land which will then be bound, stitched, woven, assembled, painted and transformed into vessels, talismans, or journals. While all materials will be provided, students are highly encouraged to bring their own collections of nature, paper, threads or artworks that can be taken apart, added to, reassembled, transformed or used for embellishment. Students should also be prepared for all kinds of Oregon weather and bring a lunch. While there will be a dry space provided to work, the focus of the workshop is to in fact engage our surroundings in the open air.

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