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Shannon Weber WorkshopsI have been a working studio artist, designer and educator for 33 years working in “One-of-a-Kind” Fiber Mixed Media Sculpture and Objects. My attraction to working with Fiber is in the options it presents with its ability to shape-shift when using a variety of materials. These include items locally sourced and collected in nature, along with reclaimed debris from construction sites, Oregon coastal beaches, and everyday human discards. I apply basic ancient techniques using a mixture of repetitive layers of stitching, weaving, cold connections, painting, and encaustic.

These multiple applications make it very easy for me to blend reclaimed metals, wire, rubber, paper, fabric, and organic materials of all kinds. Each layer of material mixed with different techniques begins to build the structure that gives the object or vessel its form and opens the door for interesting detail surface embellishment. Some of the extra benefits, to my delight, in working the way I do is sensing the mythologies many of the materials hold from their point of collection, hearing the dialog of place and time of what they once were, what they were used for or where  they once grew. This influences the studio outcome of a piece.  
My works are exhibited both nationally and internationally and have graciously received numerous awards. They are also held in public and private collections along with being seen and featured in 48 publications worldwide. I currently live and maintain a full time studio in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

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Shannon Weber's 3D Fiber Sculpture
takes its form from nature's found objects

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My works we will featured a in the new book 3D MIXED MEDIA TEXTILE ARTISTS
By Sam & Joesph Pitcher
Can be ordered online

Tillamook Headlight Herald: Weaving A Life

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