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Shannon Weber WorkshopsShannon Weber is a self-taught, award winning, interdisciplinary artist who's authentic object and sculpture designs are recognized for her unique methods of using the raw materials she has hand collected in various locations around Oregon. While there seems to be themes running through her designs, such as boats, or the "artifact" ambiance of certain objects, she allows the collected material to direct how the work is going to evolve. Every element collected has a history or a mythology of location, age, or place that is allowed to shapeshift as the materials and techiques are mixed together to the form the structure of the designs. Her work has attracted the attention of various curators of Fiber and Fine Craft which have included her work in their lectures for her skill and methods in design, both nationally and internationally. She has been asked to speak on her methods and use of materials, and she has been featured in numerous publications worldwide.

Shannon Weber WorkshopsProcess: My day starts with a drive to the coffee house and watching the painted train cars roll by. Then I switch my focus to the water, the sky, the ground, to sand and feathers blowing around on the beach. I feel blessed that I am self-entertaining. I have a vast collection of materials as it's not uncomon to have 100+ of somethings in a design from cut up kelp, various small metals, to little bits of sticks. I also have various mechanical things that I've hauled to the studio that don't work anymore but I find interesting and I let it hang around. I might take it apart and recycle bits and pieces, or just give back to the earth. I keep things I am attracted to, small things piled on my work bench so they can jump in and be included at anytime, or left around the house so I can pass by it and think about it. There is not one set rule of how collected things are going to go together and everything is a bit of a puzzle. I find it's always an education on how to it make work. This is something in which I seem to thrive on.

If I am not in the studio, you're likely find me outside somewhere in all kinds of Oregon weather, slow burning wood blocks that are often used in my sculptures, or maybe pounding various kinds of materials with rocks for the transfer of markings. I typically work in repetitive layers by using basic forms of various weaving, stitching, and cold connections, and wax, mixing together with many other meduims and techiques. These mulitiple applications make it very easy for me to blend reclaimed metals, wire, rubber, coastal debris, with locally sourced organics of all kinds that can be 3 to 9 layers deep in the design. I see every material is an option. As humans this is our genetic coding, we are "makers" of things, from a stick found on the ground, or a rusty bottle cap, to torn paper found in the street. The earth is our collective art store, I find it allows my work to strongly connect to a "authentic" process of rebirth and renewal from decay, forgotten, and reclaimed in fascinating and compelling ways.

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Shannon Weber's 3D Fiber Sculpture
takes its form from nature's found objects

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Winter Issue 2014/2015

My works we will featured a in the new book Textiles Re: Imagined
By Sam & Joesph Pitcher
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